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Things to Speak About During the First Date


Two strangers trying to excite, have fun, impress, and get to know each other can be awkward. For this reason, people should always go on a date prepared and equipped with exciting and open dating questions and topics. This is to ensure the conversation keeps flowing. Below are five unique and interesting questions you can ask your date.

Where Would You Go If You Hopped on An Airplane Right Now?

This can be a lighthearted and exciting conversation starter. After all, we all love traveling and exploring new places. Apart from sharing the places you both would like to visit together, the question can direct towards sharing tales of your past travel and favorite places.

Where Is Home?

Both of you might be working or living in the same city in London. However, “home” can denote different things to different individuals. It can be where your partner grew up, where they were born, or where they have made fond memories. Asking about your dates home can assist you in identifying the place their heart belongs as well as what matters the most to them.

What Is It I Would Not Guess About You?

This question tells your date that you are interested in knowing them a little deeper. It gives individuals the free will to share what they are comfortable with and keep a secret that they are not ready to disclose.

What Would You Do If You Won One Million Dollars Tomorrow?

Apart from being super fun, this question can give you a clue regarding the things that matter to your date. Additionally, it can help you identify whether they are sensible or reckless.

What Is on Your Bucket List?

By asking this question, you can learn a lot about your date’s biggest desires, dreams, and qualities. After all, as humans, we all have goals, no matter how big or small.

Let’s be honest, the queries above are more appealing than asking a person what they do for a living!